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Matcha Green Tea Powder – Matcha Recipes & Store

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Even at the first glance, this poison-green powder looks like pure chemistry, behind it hides an unpolluted natural product. In Japan, this bright green tea looks back on a long tradition as the Japanese swear by its health benefits (buy Matcha green tea powder here: Matcha tea store).

Matcha tea is known for giving people energy, is uplifting and therefore, makes an excellent alternative to coffee. Matcha tea also convinces with its excellent taste. Unlike traditional tea infusions, with a Matcha infusion, the entire powdered leaf extract is used. In general, green tea is regarded as healthy and excellent, for stimulating your metabolism, Matcha green tea powder enhances the “typical” green tea benefits many times.

This is justified by the fact that the proportion of soothing, beneficial ingredients of the Matcha tea is much higher because the leaf in its powdered form is consumed as a whole. Even science became increasingly interested in the benefits of the Matcha green tea so that extensive studies have been conducted in recent years.

What connoisseurs and tea lovers already knew a long time ago, can now be confirmed scientifically: Matcha green tea has a positive effect on the metabolism and helps in weight loss, promotes general well-being, prevents disease and has an exceptionally high concentration vital ingredients.



In this section, you will learn:


Our Matcha guide is designed to get you familiar with Matcha green tea; the origins of Matcha tea, its benefits, its supportive effect on weight loss and better health in general.


Matcha and the power of green tea

The special green tea originated in China, where the leaves of Camellia sinensis, also known as evergreen tea plant, has been used as a medicinal plant. In general, the leaves were eaten as a whole or ground to a fine powder.

Approximately in the 12th century, the Matcha green tea made its way to Japan, where it was especially appreciated and adored by trained Zen masters. Even the Buddhist monks used the tea to stay awake and focused during long meditations.

From the 16th century on Matcha tea was increasingly used during the traditional tea ceremonies, which is still an integral part of the Chinese and Japanese culture.

However, how is this precious Matcha green tea is actually produced and what creates its benefits? Either the leaves or the leaf tips are harvested to obtain the raw material of the plant. In the case of Matcha tea production, the entire tea scrubs are covered with bamboo mats and dark nets shortly before harvesting. This procedure stimulates amino acids and chlorophyll to build up. In short, Matcha tea is naturally enriched with nutrients. This process also improves taste and color enormously. What you need to remember: The greener and brighter the tea is, the fresher it is.

Typically, the Match green tea miracle is very expensive, because, in this case, quality actually has its price. Today few teagarden operators can deliver such excellent quality.

If you want to buy high-quality, organic Matcha green tea, you have to expect a price of USD$35 – 70 euros per 3.5oz. Exceptions to these prices you can only expect on the Internet at times, because there, generally speaking, the Matcha green tea is offered much cheaper than in stores.

If you are already thinking about buying Matcha green tea, why don’t you have a look around in our store: Matcha Tea? Here you can find numerous deals regarding Matcha powder, Matcha Latte and much more.


Matcha green tea benefits – facts and ingredients

For a long time, Matcha green tea is considered as an ideal means of losing weight, because of its primary characteristic of effectively boosting your metabolism. In addition, Matcha green tea has a balancing effect on the body, lightens the mood, gives energy and increases individual performance. Do you often feel tired and exhausted? You could try Matcha green tea with a clear conscience and experience its benefit for yourself.

Matcha green tea contains much caffeine. Therefore, susceptible people and pregnant women are recommended to consume Match green tea only is small amounts and with caution. Nevertheless, particular Matcha tea is much healthier than coffee because the containing caffeine is bound to the tannic acid-tannin and the amino acid L-theanine. This ensures that the caffeine in the intestine is released with a delay. That means the energy boost is significantly milder but longer lasting.

It should be noted: As always the dose makes the poison. This means that Matcha green tea with all its benefits should be enjoyed in moderation and mindfully. However, what exactly is the attributed effect of green tea? In the following, we will give you a brief, yet, thorough explanation of the most important ingredients of our Matcha green tea:

Matcha Green Tea Powder, buying Store, Benefits and lose weight / loss, recipes

Caffeine or theine:

Strictly speaking, if we say caffeine, we actually talk about theine. Only the name is different. Caffeine acts, as known, in a stimulating manner, mood enhancing, concentration-enhancing and uplifting. It brings the cardiovascular system effectively going and prevents premature fatigue.


Matcha Green Tea and Matcha powder are not fermented. This means that all the valuable tannins are still completely contained. Therefore, the tannin is still bound to the caffeine, which causes a delayed release into the body. Also, tannins have a calming and soothing effect, which particularly benefits the gastrointestinal tract.


Theanine is a unique amino acid which is found only in a high concentrate in high-quality teas. Just like caffeine, theanine also keeps you alert and responsive. It also promotes concentration and boosts your mood enormously.


Matcha powder provides a series of complete, vital proteins that help the body build and renew its cells. Thus, the tea has a rejuvenating potential. For example, when you are dieting, this can quickly lead to a protein deficiency. Matcha tea prevents this and provides new energy.


Up to 40% of dried green tea leaves consist of catechins, the flavones or bitter substances in tea. Just as tannins, catechins also belong among the polyphenols, which in turn serve the plant to protect it against all possible pests and diseases. Catechins thus act as a potent antioxidant, prevent infection, regulate cholesterol, metabolism and can even prevent various cancers.

Vitamins, minerals and trace elements:

Matcha tea is particularly rich in calcium, iron, and potassium. In comparatively smaller amounts the Matcha powder further contains vitamin C, B1, B2, and carotene.

Scientific studies on Matcha – The effect of Matcha green tea for weight loss and general health care

While in previous years exclusively the Japanese were interested in the benefits of Matcha tea, in more recent years, this tea got much attention from European as well as American scientists. As early as 2006, researchers and neuroscientists from Berlin could determine the benefits of Match green tea on man’s brain power.

In particular, the benefits for neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s could be clearly documented. It has been demonstrated that the contained catechins of the Matcha green tea prevent tumor growth, or at least inhibit or stop it. Also, it was found that Matcha green tea effectively counteracts obesity and high cholesterol levels. You can buy this effective strong Matcha tea here at our store.


Match green tea for weight loss

With Matcha Green Tea Powder lose weight / loss diet

First of all – also, the Matcha tea it is by no means a magic bullet that causes you to lose you all those extra pounds overnight. Yet, the Matcha tea diet can assist in shedding excess water from the body, and also stimulates the metabolism, and therefore, helps you to lose weight. Matcha green excels as a weight loss supplement because caffeine and catechins positively influence the metabolism of fat and carbohydrates.

The result, therefore, is, that your intestines absorb less fat while the basal thermogenesis metabolism is slightly increased. In addition, certain enzymes are blocked, which are responsible for the storage of fat. Matcha also scores high when it comes to preventing food cravings. This is due to its positive influence on the intestinal flora, because if you have a healthy colon, you suffer less from cravings and binge eating.


Buy Matcha green tea powder – Price comparison and store

Matcha Green Tea Powder, buying Store, Benefits and lose weight / loss, recipes

Japanese Matcha increasingly conquered the European market and is already for sale in many markets. Notably, Matcha green tea can be obtained from health food stores. However, now and then supermarkets have special offers as well. The biggest drawback is that the Matcha tea is incredibly expensive and that, especially in organic markets.

Buying online makes all the difference. Even buying cheaper Matcha green tea online you still need to pay attention to the quality. If required read carefully all the customers’ reviews to find the right product for you. You can buy excellent Matcha green tea powder online by ordering from our Matcha tea store. See the comparable price for yourself.

In our online store MatchaTea24, you can buy not only green tea and Matcha but also associated preparation kits in traditional and professionally high quality. Scoops, ceramic bowl, and bamboo whisk are highly appreciated by customers and experts, which consequently like to buy a kit. Kit and Matcha powder comes in a high-quality and elegant-looking metal box – perfect for beginners, as well as gifts for family, friends and colleagues.

Curious? If you only want Matcha green tea, Matcha Latte, Matcha powder or just buy Matcha, best thing, you frequently visit us at our Matcha tea store. Try it yourself and benefit from now on from the multi-faceted, health benefits of Matcha green tea and Matcha.

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