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Matcha Green Tea Powder – Delicious Recipes & How To’s

How to make Matcha green tea, Recipes for Matcha Latte and Chocolate, preparation, buying Store

Matcha tea is, because of its grass-green color, extremely attractive and in its preparation extraordinarily simple, so you do not need to ask yourself so much about how to make Matcha tea. Many foods and drinks, for example, Matcha Latte, Matcha tea benefit from it because it gives them an attractive, unusual and exotic appearance. Besides its optical effect, Matcha green tea can also convince with its excellent taste.

If you perceived the green tea so far as bitter and unappetizing, the slightly “tarty,” yet, creamy, fruity, nutty flavor of the Matcha tea will guaranteed surprise you. If you want to try it yourself, here you can buy Matcha Green Tea and Matcha Latte: Matcha tea Store.

Matcha powder is easy and fast to work with and besides that gives you a variety of recipes, preparations and different combinations. A good example is Matcha Latte, which consists of Matcha and frothed milk. You ask yourself how to make Matcha tea but it is very simple, yet, some basic equipment is just required.

Apart from the actual Matcha powder, you will need a bowl and a small, slender whisk for frothing up the milk. Traditionally, the bowls are made of ceramic with a bamboo whisk. However, that should have no impact on the preparation or taste. If you are thinking of buying Match and the matching accessories, why don’t you look around at our Matcha tea store?



Matcha tea preparation & delicious Matcha recipes:


Here we want to offer you some of the most delicious Matcha recipes that are not only easy to prepare, but also taste damn good; we wish you a good appetite.


How to make Matcha tea – Accessories explained in detail

How to make Matcha green tea, Recipes for Matcha, buying preparation Accessoires Store

1. The Matcha bowl (cup, green tea and Matcha. Buy it here Matcha tea store)

Matcha tea is traditionally prepared and served, which is also called Matchawan, in a bowl. The basic material is stone, ceramic, porcelain or glass, however, more important than the actual material, is the usefulness.

For the bowl, it is important that you can cup it easily with your hands to keep your Matcha tea warm. In is not unusual, that cups or bowls are hand painted in traditional Japanese style, with the color matching the color of the Matcha tea.

Nowadays you can get most beautiful cups starting at US$20 to 25; often they are unique items. Whether individually or in a set – in our store you can get it all: cup, Matcha green tea or Matcha.

2. The Matcha whisk (Whisk, Matcha green tea and Matcha: Buy it here Matcha tea store)

In the early days, the bamboo whisk fulfilled the task of the electric milk frother of today. Through the fast and patient stirring a creamy, liquid mass was created, which is similar to the milk foam and causes the beautiful consistency of the Matcha tea and Matcha Latte.

In Japan, the typical whisk was also called Chasen and had a sweeping, brush-like shape. After use, the utensils should be rinsed, so that they are always clean, dry and hygienic at all times. This way you will have them for a long time to enjoy. Bamboo whisk and Matcha green tea, you can buy here: Matcha tea Store.

3. The bamboo spoon (Spoon, Matcha green tea and Matcha: Buy it here at the Matcha tea store)

In Japan, a bamboo spoon is used to measure the dose of the tea correctly. The spoon is usually of slender shape and is called Chashaku. Especially beginners benefit from the measuring scoop because the dose for the beginner should be small. In our store, you can easily buy the bamboo spoon and the Matcha green tea at a reasonable price.


How to make Matcha tea – Recipe for Matcha Chocolate

How to make Matcha green tea, Recipes for Matcha Chocolate, preparation, buying Store

Matcha powder has enormously diverse uses. There are several different ways to prepare Matcha tea; usually, astoundingly few ingredients are required.

Whether as Matcha tea, as Matcha Latte, added to your smoothie, in pastries, cakes, chocolate, cocktail or ice – Matcha tea not only tastes good they are also very healthy and delivers an irresistible green color.

Many recipes have great health benefits and are low in calories, assisting you losing weight more easily with the famous Matcha green tea.

Matcha chocolate is another favorite, which literally melts in your mouth. The list of ingredients is quite manageable so that you can implement many recipes with only a few resources. If you are still missing the Matcha powder, you can buy it directly from our Matcha store: Matcha Green Tea. All other ingredients you can conveniently get online or in health food stores.

What you need:

  • Matcha powder (Buying Matcha powder: Matcha tea store)
  • Organic Cocoa Butter
  • Maple syrup, rice syrup, honey or agave nectar
  • Dried cranberries or mulberries
  • Almond, coconut or pistachio cream
  • Pan, bowl, whisk and teaspoon
  • Chocolate or cake molds


To begin with, prepare a pot and a bowl in which you melt the cocoa butter. Just melt it in a hot water bath.

To the molten cocoa butter mix your favorite sweetener and the Matcha powder, add nut cream and mix it all until you get a creamy mixture. (Buying Matcha powder: Matcha tea store).

You can vary the individual ingredients according to your personal taste, but remember to use in moderation. One heaped teaspoon should be your guideline.

Now take the dried berries, put them evenly into small containers. Finally, fill those containers with your chocolate mixture.

Before consumption, your chocolate has to be refrigerated for at least one hour or until your chocolate is firm.

As you can see, this recipe is easy to prepare and requires little effort. In no time at all, you can enjoy creamy, delicious, yet healthy chocolate without any annoying additives.


How to make Matcha tea – Basics and Matcha Latte

How to make Matcha green tea, Recipes for Matcha Latte, preparation, buying Store

To create the Matcha-base paste, which you can serve as drinks or desserts later, you need to put two small spoon full of the power in the ceramic bowl and stir it with only a small amount of cold water.

The exact amount here depends on the preference of the tea drinker. If you are not familiar with the Matcha tea preparation, it is advisable to start with a rather small dose of the Matcha powder. The whisk is essential for mixing Matcha powder and water. In its classical form, the whisk looks something like a shaving brush.

The end result should be a creamy paste, free of lumps. To finish the Matcha tea for consumption, you need to add 2.5oz. hot water. But be aware under no circumstances should the water be boiling hot. Make sure it is not more than 150-170F. Now you need to stir the liquid with the pre-moisten bamboo whisk for one minute until you have a creamy foam.

On the other hand, if you do not want to buy the entire set, you also can use an electrical milk frother. To finish the popular and traditional Matcha tea beverage, you can supplement it with frothed milk to get the famous Matcha Latte. This all with just a few steps. A little sugar, beet syrup, stevia or honey adds a pleasant sweetness to the drink.

Matcha powder is also well-suited to supplement fresh smoothies or juices. For this purpose, add a small amount of Matcha powder to the beverage (raw and unprocessed) – the subsequent process of mixing it all together does the rest.

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